moderated Re: Turn off Credit Card tab #suggestion

Chuck Palmer

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 08:04 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
The credit card should be on if any one or more of the groups the user is in has Donations on.
Exactly! I'm thinking that I should have been more explicit/precise in my original suggestion.  I would think that somewhere in the back-end of is my profile that says what groups I am a member of, what my roles are in those groups, and which groups have donations turned on.

For those groups that I am an owner or that have donations turned on, it makes sense for me to see the Billing menu item and it should be accessible.

Likewise, if I am not owner of any group and none of groups that I am a member of have donations turned on, that Billing menu item should not be accessible.

The member base for one of my groups is about retirees who are, in most cases, not that computer literate.  I have the club's website setup to take their yearly membership dues via PayPal.  But I'm now getting questions from members asking "is this where I put my credit card info now?", etc.  It's an Apple Users Group club with about 1,000 members so we run the gamut -- from very knowledgeable members to those just learning how to use their new smart iPads/iPhones.  A bit of a challenge...-;)

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