moderated Re: List-Post header option for individual groups #suggestion


Thanks, Mark.

Since there is no Reply-To-Sender message footer link in plaintext formatted groups like ours we must either copy & paste the email address between headers in the mail reader, or click the View/Reply Online footer link, which then requires several more button clicks (REPLY, PRIVATE, QUOTE).

This necessitates an explanation from moderators every time they ask a subscriber to "take it off-list"; and posting of reminders to the group on the steps required for replying to sender only, whether online or by copy/pasting headers.

With the List-Post header in effect (referring to the Thunderbird mail reader; I assume others are similar...) we will have one-click buttons for replying to either the group or to sender only, with message text being fully quoted in the reply. (I notice that message text is not quoted in replies via the footer link in html formatted groups and must be copy & pasted by hand.)

The List-Post behavior is familiar to our members, many of whom subscribe to GNU Mailman (or other popular software) mailing list groups.


On 09/02/20 15:33, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 9:13 AM Drew < <>> wrote:
The various Reply To Sender contortions continues to be an
irritating hassle for our group. Would it be possible to implement
the List-Post email header as an option for those groups that want
it? It was formerly removed from system wide use at but it
would be a welcomed optional feature for some groups.
Can you give me some more information as to why the Reply To Sender stuff is a problem for your group? And what would the List-Post header get you?

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