moderated Re: Turn off Credit Card tab #suggestion


On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 04:59 PM, Chuck Palmer wrote:
please explain to me why my group's members should be able to put their credit card information in?
Sure, no problem. It's because they might be in other groups that do have Donations turned on.

You're still talking as if you think users are in only one group: yours. Whereas they may be (and often are) in several or many groups, all of which can toggle their Donations on and off.

"Donations on" or "Donations off" is not an account/user variable(*). "Credit card" is a user variable. They don't match 1-1. The credit card should be on if any one or more of the groups the user is in has Donations on.
(*) except indirectly, as a function of ALL the groups the user is in

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