locked New feature: Reply to Topic Followers Only #update


<p>Hi All,</p>
<p>I've just pushed a new group, topic and hashtag <code>reply to</code> setting, <code>reply to topic followers only</code>. Here's how it works:</p>
<li>The first message in a new topic is sent to everyone in the group as per their normal settings.</li>
<li>A follow topic record is created automatically for the person who originated the topic.</li>
<li>A follow topic record is created automatically for anyone who replies to this original message.</li>
<li>All subsequent messages to the topic are sent only to people who are following the topic.</li>
<p>This is a <code>reply to</code> setting, so if the group is set to that, it will apply to all topics. If a hashtag is set to it, it will only apply to topics with that hashtag. Also, you can take an existing topic and change the <code>reply to</code> to this new setting. When you do that, the system will create follow topic records for everyone that has participated in that topic up to that point.</p>
<p>What does all this mean? It's now easier to have semi-private topics within your group; where only participants see the topic, but where the messages still get archived. You can also take an existing, active topic and <code>hide it</code> from the larger group.</p>
<p>Please let me know if you have questions.</p>
<p>Thanks, Mark</p>

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