moderated Event RSVP Activity Log #suggestion #done

Charlie Behnken


starting to use the Event RSVP a lot for the next quarter with a lot of new users and we are running into some hiccups that I think could be addressed by including information in the Activity Log.

First problem was people getting RSVPs rejected due to the Event being locked.  When I looked at the Event (a day later) it was not locked, but Locking an Event is not logged in the Activity log, so I can not tell if it was actually locked and unlocked, or who locked it.

Second was the organizer sent out an email to the Attendees and no one got it. This 'message' is also not logged in the Activity Log as a message so once again I can not tell if it was actually submitted or not.

It would make trouble shooting my new users activity easier if these were logged.


P.S. there is a bug in RSVP - when I click on View Responses it tells me how many people are attending etc.  It also says I am attending on every event even though I have not responded. If I respond Will Not Attend it is correct.

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