moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: When editing a plain text pending message, the -- Add Tags -- selector did nothing.
  • INTERNAL: When merging accounts, update the cached group pending subscriber counts and also make sure that the per-subscription timezones match the merged into user's timezone.
  • DOCS: Updated docs from Nina.
  • INTERNAL: Wrote and deployed a new DNS server that supports TCP queries, because of an Enterprise group's requirement.
  • BUGFIX: The RSVP Only button in the Calendar was only working for the list view.
  • API: Fixed sort_field processing for /getdatabaserows endpoint.
  • CHANGE: Upon completion, adding members to a subgroup now returns to the subgroup direct add page, and now displays a flash notice indicating success.
  • CHANGE: Switched to new premium plan/basic plan feature split.
  • CHANGE: When approving multiple pending messages on the website, process them in ascending order by when we originally received them.

Take care everyone.


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