moderated Re: Pending member notification but no one is pending? #bug


On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 9:13 AM Christina Shideler <efa.christina.shideler@...> wrote:

I'm a moderator of a group and I think we're experiencing a bug (unless I'm missing something!). For a couple of weeks, there's been a number next to the Members in our admin tool bar. This has historically meant that we have a pending member, and indeed when I click on Members it defaults to pending members. But there are no pending members!

We cache a count of pending members in the database. Sometimes this count gets out of sync, when someone merges their account with another account, or someone deletes their account. We (currently) don't update pending member counts when that happens. I have a process that I run on an ad hoc basis that fixes these problems. I've run it today and your pending member count should be fixed now. 


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