moderated Re: Schedule regular EXPORTs? #suggestion

Rick N

I have an automated routine that runs at noon and midnight without any intervention on my Windows 10 desktop, other than keeping the cookie file updated (every two weeks or so).  Since I download the membership lists for a number of groups that I support, I have a Perl script that generates the batch file.  Here's what a sample line looks like:

curl --output 20200826_1201_laurl_mbr.txt -b H:\cookies.txt ""

You can download a copy of curl here:


On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 12:25 AM Everett Kaser <everett@...> wrote:
Duane: The point was that if it could be scheduled to happen, then the email could also be processed (on 'this' end, when it arrives) automatically to download the file unattended and stored on the local backup, with no attention. What you're suggesting still requires manual processing, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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