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Good idea about making it an option! I’m not sure people realize the ramifications of this change. If a group has, say, 3-5 sticky topics (and many groups have more), with 3-5 messages per topic (again, many have more), the messages list will be top-heavy with about a dozen, and possibly even dozens, of messages to have to manually get through before finally reaching current messages. I myself will feel it’s best stop using stickies in my group if this comes to pass, failing cutting down each sticky topic to 1-2 messages, which is impractical for our group and the way we use stickies (namely, for important conversations, some of them extended -  not just individual messages).

The usefulness or, conversely, inconvenience of the revised feature will depend in large part on how the individuak groups have grown to use stickies currently - understanding, and coming to rely on, the fact that the messages list has not so far been burdened with this display order. And that’s why making the change an option would be a good idea. 

Either way I hope this will be very well thought out before a final implementation decision is made.

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Perhaps this can be made a user option. I prefer NOT to have the messages sticky.  But for those that do. It ca be an option in settings



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