moderated Re: Changes to new basic groups #update

Linda Prain

Wow.  I can't believe I have a need for a new group and am now just seeing I just missed this change by 1 day.  I really wish you would have emailed all your group Admins and owners for those of us that don't come to this beta. group site on a regular basis.  This is an important enough change that it seems prudent to make sure that your groups owners knew about it in advance.  

Outside of that frustration, can you give me some guidelines as to how files, photos or attachments will be handled in a new basic (i.e. free) group?  Are they simply not allowed?  Are they retained for a short period of time and then deleted?  I'd like to understand where I can find more about the new basic functionality to ascertain if this is going to work for us.  A premium service is simply something we can't afford on an ongoing basis.  Kind regards, Linda Prain

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