moderated Re: Retroactive Topic Locking? #suggestion #misc


I don't know about the email commands, but the suggestion for the website strikes me as the height of simplicity.

Something needs to be done to remedy this. Yes, it's really broken. Clearly if you're asking whether it's broken you have not yet experienced it. It's one thing to intellectually argue that "it does what it says it does," and that "locking the topic again the next evening seems logical." It's another to experience being completely unable to resurrect a topic simply because it was locked due to group time-out, and before even realizing that, to experience a manually unlocked topic coming back as locked over and over again. It is completely unintuitive and (I would argue) unexpected. At least, it was highly unexpected by me, and I have been aware and appreciative of the auto-lock and auto-moderate feature since the day it was implemented. Only later did I start to experience this issue.

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