moderated Re: Retroactive Topic Locking? #suggestion #misc


On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 03:33 AM, Andy Wedge wrote:
I'm not sure I would call re-locking a topic a bug though.
I somehow missed this in the thread. It's inconvenient/unworkable (I'll avoid the loaded term "bug") if you want to be able to manually unlock a topic and have it stay unlocked. In other words, "resurrect" a locked topic. That is currently impossible.

I wonder how many of the people participating in this thread have actually experienced this problem. My guess is zero or very few. It is an incredible PITA when it happens to you. The system warning I suggested in the last message ("this topic has timed out and will be relocked within 24 hours, are you sure you want to unlock it") would be only a temporary fix but I think it necessary because of the current unexpected behavior. Mods who unlock a topic are left scratching their heads when it comes back locked again the next morning. Nobody, or very few, people are going to realize what happened (it took me a long time and I'm a sophisticated user). So the warning at least stops people from going through the conniptions that I did. But I think that's only a temporary fix and there really needs to be an option to manually unlocked timed-out topics. The same goes for automatic topic moderation, by the way. Everything in this thread applies to that feature as well.

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