moderated account display name vs group display name change issues #misc


The following happens a lot in our group:
1. Someone applies for membership.
2. We approve their membership and, in the process, set their Display Name to their name, their cat's name and gender, and their country, which is the standard for our group.
3. The member goes into their Account and edits their Display Name there, which at that point shows as blank, to whatever they want it to be, having no clue that it has already been set in one of their groups.
4. I (eventually) discover this and change it back in our group. (I always have to stop myself from slapping them on the wrist for violating our group guideline not to change their display name, because they thought it was completely blank and were just setting it.)

Is there any reasonable way of remedying this situation? Something like, "If the Account Display Name is blank, and the member sets it, don't change it in any groups where it's not blank"?

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