moderated Re: saving profile and other edits #suggestion


Andy. TY

Okkkk,  Got it now. I was befuddled - there's no subgroup so there is no higher level -- I didn't think to look at the Account  (have never set any profile there.)

I doubt if many users would think Reset means "higher level."  Not fatal, but It might be helpful if on the Profile tab there was an explanation
(on a subgroup page) "A Reset defaults to your Group Profile" and
(on a Group page) "A Reset defaults to your Account Profile."

I tried it (AND figured if I left the tab I'd be safe; GIO wouldn't save the edit.)  Not so, GIO had saved the Reset edit (so I had to reenter everything.)
So (IMO) that's an inconsistency bug that could be cleaned up - 
If leaving the Membership tab doesn't save the edit, then likewise leaving the Group Profile tab shouldn't save the edit. OR there should be warnings, such as "Are you SURE? (your reset will be saved automatically.)"

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