moderated saving profile and other edits #suggestion


It would be helpful if there was a warning buzzer when changing from one tab to another (e.g., editing the Group Profile then tabbing to Integrations,)
(Edits are lost.)

- More clear options - a membership edit is "Saved", but a group profile is "Updated."
- Unclear what the toggles are for on the Profile Photo options?  Nothing really changes -- all I see is a tiny thumbnail no matter the toggle that's applied.
- The "move" icon (4 arrows) @ the lower left of the Profile Picture?  It does nothing?
- "Reset"?  group profile -- does that resent to zero, or does it mean discard edits? (I'm afraid to click it!!)
Thank you for your efforts, I believe we'll enjoy the new (to us) Premium service.

[Mod note: Changed hashtag from #bug to #suggestion]

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