moderated Re: Calendar events - Zoom option #suggestion

Kenny Paul

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 10:18 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Unfortunately due to the way the Zoom API works, that won't work. We use oauth to get a token to use the API. To get that token requires the person to be logged into Zoom. Unfortunately that token has a really short expiration, something on the order of an hour, requiring re-verification by Zoom to get a new token. So we can't just store a bunch of tokens and let anyone use them, because they'd age out almost immediately.
Perhaps tangentially related and not specific to is that one of the challenges we've had over the years using zoom create calendar entries (irrespective of the calendar platform) is that it has basically proven to be a one-way pipe.  Zoom will happily create calendar entries, but it has not demonstrated good hygiene at clean-up when meeting is changed or cancelled via zoom,  leaving ghost calendar events scattered about.  
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