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Non-donators contribute to our genealogy site in a variety of others ways by way of sharing information and research.  Money is NOT the only manner in which one can contribute to a group.  You should have more faith in your members to support your group through donations.   If you have a valued group, I'm willing to bet more than enough donations would come in to support whatever membership level you may require for your group.   There are a variety of tools available to make this happen for any group.

That is how most non-profits work as well. . . those who believe in the mission and are able, support the financial part of a group.  And many more benefit from it irrespective of financial contribution.  


On 8/12/20 2:35 PM, Chris Jones via wrote:
On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 06:11 PM, RCardona wrote:
Only about 10% of our membership made a donation, but sufficient funds were raised to fund the membership group for 2+ years.
And therein lies the problem. On your own admission you have 90% freeloaders.


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