moderated Re: Changes to new basic groups #update

Chris Jones

On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 05:23 PM, Robin Whittle wrote:
USD$220 a year is about Australian $1 a day - and its worth it to know I have a good, ad-free, long-term reliable system for running what is always going to be quite a time-consuming project. 
Yeah, right. And how do you propose that a group with nearly 2000 members spread throughout the world (but mainly in the UK) should collect that money? Or are you assuming that the Owners/Moderators will simply pay it themselves?

I fully understand the reasoning that has lead to these changes, but I wish that people would put a bit more thought into the practicalities of collecting the money required should it become necessary to pay for a "legacy basic" group. In some cases I daresay it would be fairly easy; in others more or less impossible.

Be careful what you wish for...


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