moderated Re: Changes to new basic groups #update

Dave Sergeant

Marv's ideas are good, thanks for writing them.

I belong to around 15 groups and moderator for 3. These are all
informal groups related to amateur radio and other subjects. Most have
no mechanism for organising payments and no membership fee at all. A
couple are tied to large societies with the own separate membership
rates so making a few (but not many) premium is a possibility. But our
local radio club, similar size to many others in the UK, has just 25
paying members. £200 or so per year for premium is around half what the
membership pays to be a member of the club. Premium is just not going
to happen with that sort of group.

We don't make extensive use of files and photos, but we do, along with
calendar alerts which presumably would also cease with basic.

Your changes are not as simple as they may seem to somebody who only
sees it from a business point of view. At the moment the changes have
not been publicised outside beta, when the rest of your groups hear
about them I doubt they will be happy.


On 12 Aug 2020 at 9:07, Marv Waschke wrote:

From day one of my awareness of I have been troubled by
sustainability of its business model.

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