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Hi Shal,

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 11:36 AM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

> When calendar events are created, we store the timezone of the person
> creating the event as the event's timezone.

That's an excellent default, but in a geographically dispersed group the member creating the calendar event may not be at the location of the physical event - such users may need a way to specify the event's timezone independent of their own.

The way I thought about it was that the most important timezone is the one that a given user is in, and I should always try to show them dates and times in their own timezone. If they're going to a physical event, it seems like they'd be in the timezone for that event anyways. And I really wanted to avoid having a second, group timezone, because I think that'd be totally confusing. Actually, I didn't want a user timezone either, I wanted it all to be automatic, but I think this is an ok compromise.

> Every event reminder email is customized to the particular
> subscriber's timezone.

Wow. I'm not sure how many unique time-zone jurisdictions there are (many more than 24 I know) so that's a lot of custom engraving on the outbound reminders. And what happens to the reminder in the archive? Use the event's time zone?

Event reminders are not added to the archive. They're treated as notifications, like when moderators are notified of pending messages. Reminders didn't feel like the type of message that should be in the archives. Plus you have the varying timezone issue, as you pointed out. Do you think they should be added to the archives?

Also, I don't send out a message when an event is created. Should I add that feature?

And then I suppose there are hybrid events: where one might attend physically or via telecommunications. Meh. I guess as long as the text of the reminder message says what time zone was used to express the time then one can always figure it out.

Reminders do include the timezone that the dates are in.


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