moderated Changes to new basic groups #update



I am making a change that will affect all new basic groups created after Monday, 24, 2020 at 9am Pacific Time. Basic groups created after that time will be limited to mailing list features only. That means, they will not have polls, calendar, chat, member directory, integrations, photos, files, database, or wiki. They will continue to also not have subgroups. To gain access to those features, these groups will need to upgrade to a premium or enterprise group. Basic groups will still have access to all of our mailing list settings, including hashtags.

This change will not affect existing groups.

I'm not making this change lightly. My strong desire as a developer is to make all features free to everyone so that everyone can benefit from the service. But my duty as the guy running the company (and still sole employee) is to ensure that the business model works. My hope is this change will give us the resources to start hiring additional help, while setting us on a firm financial footing now and in the future.

I have updated the Upgrade tab under the Admin menu, so that for basic groups, it now lists all these features and whether they are `legacy enabled`, for groups created before the change, and `not enabled` for groups created after, to hopefully help make things clear. I will also push updates to the various marketing pages when this rolls out on the 24th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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