moderated Search criteria within a member page should correspond to it being an individual and actual group member #suggestion


If you are within a member activity page and trying to do a search on some activity a propos the member, many, perhaps even most, of the search criteria are completely general and don't correspond to the fact that you're searching on an individual member. They're the same criteria as in the overall group activity log. For example, tonight I wanted to see all the messages that a certain member had had rejected. I found search criteria like "message rejected from non-member," "message rejected from unconfirmed member," and nearly a dozen other categories for rejection of a message that were completely irrelevant, but not simply "message rejected" or "message rejected by a moderator." There are tons of others that also don't fit. It would be nice if the search criteria within a member activity page could include criteria that apply to individual members and not ones that don't.

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