moderated Provide bcc options when automatic notices to members go out #suggestion


When you send a message to a member using the "send message" feature, you can choose to "bcc me" or "bcc all moderators." But when you do an action that causes an automatic message (notice) to go out, e.g, "reject member" (I have not taken the time to look into whether this applies to other auto-notices), there is no option for the mod who did the action to request a bcc. For example, I just rejected a pending member. Before doing so, I set the active rejection notice to be the one I wanted for this member. Then I pulled the trigger. But I have no confirmation via bcc that the right notice went out, and the other mods (not having done the rejection) have no idea in any case, since I, not they, was the one who set the notice I wanted to be the active one.

I still think there should be a way, and have requested this in the past, to choose in real-time (i.e., at the time of doing the action) which notice goes out. Instead, I have to go into Member Notices, set the notice I want to be the active one for this member, do the action, and go back into Member Notices and uncheck the Active box for the future.

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