moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: When emailing RSVP responders, default the From line to the person sending it (it would normally default to +owner if a mod was sending the message).
  • CHANGE: Exporting event RSVP responses now returns a CSV file, containing all responses.
  • DOCS: Updates from Nina and beta of the new Getting Started Guide for Owners.
  • NEW: Enterprise groups can set the logo used for web push notifications.
  • NEW: When you RSVP yes to an event (and are not waitlisted), you will get an email notification.
  • CHANGE: Only display RSVP additional information fields for moderators/event owners.
  • CHANGE: Consolidated some RSVP notification messages.
  • NEW: When a moderator/event owner changes an RSVP, a notification is sent to the person.
  • CHANGE: Changed help wording of RSVP yes message when creating an event.
  • CHANGE: Locking a topic that contains a poll now also now closes the poll.
  • INTERNAL: Optimized the code for converting an HTML string to plain text to deal with some pathologically large style blocks we encountered in an uploaded file, which was causing exceptionally long runtimes and timeouts.
  • CHANGE: Changed terminology from maybe to not sure for event RSVPs.
  • BUGFIX: Don't send out a yes message email to someone RSVPing to an event if there is no yes message.
  • NEW: You can create files in the Files section that are links to Google Docs/Dropbox/Box/OneDrive documents.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed links in Files search results.

Take care everyone.


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