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On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 3:57 AM Andy Wedge <andy_wedge@...> wrote:

  1. The description under the 'Note To Send Attendees' text box says "Message to send people when they RSVP Yes." but it is only sent (as a separate email) when someone is allocated a space on the event. If they RSVP 'Yes' and end up on a waitlist, they don't get it.  #suggestion - clarify the description for the note.
  1. If the event organiser changes the RSVP status of an attendee to 'not sure' (effectively removing them from the event), no email notification is sent to that attendee. #suggestion: Send an email to the person removed from the event confirming the updated status.
  2. If a person is removed from the event or waitlist, no confirmation email is sent. #suggestion: send confirmation email to state that the person no longer has a place on the event or has been removed from the waitlist
We now send an email notification when a moderator/event owner changes someone's RSVP.

  1. The Additional Information Requested From Attendees field contents are visible to anyone looking at the event response details (which may be public depending upon group settings?). I can see situations where responders enter private information here thinking it will only be viewable by the event organiser. #suggestion: make the contents of this field visible to the event organiser only or at the very least, make it clear that these details can be seen by others.
This is no longer displayed for people who are not moderators/event owners. Also, this field is now also displayed in the list view (for appropriate people). 
  1. When a person is initially allocated a space on an event (not via the waitlist), no event date/time email confirmation is sent (just the Note to Attendees). This would be particularly useful for those who predominantly use email and only venture to the site to RSVP.  It may also help prevent people repeatedly clicking the update RSVP buttons expecting to receive an email  #suggestion: Send initial email confirmation of a place on the event that shows the event details etc. like they get when they are moved from waitlist and allocated a spot on the event
We now send an email with the event details when you RSVP yes to an event.
  1. The Note to Send Attendees and the event date/time details are delivered in separate emails when someone is allocated a spot and moved from the waitlist. I'm not sure why they need to be separated. #suggestion: combine Note to Send Attendees text and event date/time email into one
They have been combined into one email.
  1. If the event capacity is reduced below the number of confirmed attendees, no notice is given. #suggestion: issue a screen warning prompt and email to the event organiser.
We now display the number of attendees when editing an event's maximum # of attendees field.
  1. If a previously confirmed attendee changes their RSVP status to 'Will not attend', no email confirmation is sent to that person. #suggestion: send email confirmation confirming removal of place on event
Not done.
  1. A person who is waitlisted cannot see themselves as such when viewing the responses but they can see those Attending, Not Attending and Not Sure. #suggestion: make people on the waitlist visible (at least to themselves) when they view responses
We now display your response at the top of the view responses page. 
  1. A person on a waitlist can only change their RSVP status to 'Update Waitlisted' or 'Will Not Attend'. There is no option to change status to 'not sure' as indicated in the changes/improvements list above.  #suggestion: Allow a change to 'not sure' otherwise being able to see others with a 'not sure' status and allowing event organisers to set it is a bit confusing

For events with a specified max number of attendees, we don't permit people to specify Not Sure. 

  1. On the Actions button drop-down list on the 'View Responses' page, it uses the term 'Maybes' but 'not sure' is the term used elsewhere. #suggestion: use consistent terminology
Everything is now 'not sure'.
  1. On the Actions button drop-down list on the 'View Responses' page, the 'Export Responses' option just gives the event details and attendees etc. in a different layout; it does not export anything. #suggestion: remove the option from the drop-down or make it do what it says

It displays all responses on one page. What else should it do?


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