moderated Re: Event RSVP changes #update

Andy Wedge

On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:56 PM, Nancy Funk wrote:
I do have one question regarding the "not sure" or 'maybe" selections, is this a new feature? I don't remember seeing those options before, and for our group, I would disable such a function as we can't operate well with "maybe" as a response
Hi Nancy,

as a person can only respond Will Attend or Will Not Attend to an event and management of the responses (where 'not sure' can be set) is new then it must be a new feature.  If a person has their status changed to 'not sure' (or they end up being able to set it themselves - see my #suggestion 10 above) they are not on the waitlist. Anyone one the waitlist gets allocated a space on the event ahead of those who are 'not sure' and on that basis, I don't see it causing an issue. It may even provide the event organiser with an incentive to change/promote the event to encourage those who are 'not sure' to change their RSVP status to Will Attend.


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