moderated Re: Invite button clears the form #suggestion #bug

Mike Pompa

Yes, after my experience I figured out on my own it's a page selection button. I think it's a bad user experience If you are already on the invite page it can be selected again with the side effect of clearing the form.

Go ahead and see what happens if you type in a custom message and fill in an email address, then press the invite button. Everything you've typed goes away. This is unacceptable behavior because it could look like the invitation was sent to someone who is sending their first invitation, or who does so occasionally.  The Send Invitation button is offscreen on most computers, which makes the Invite button very --- inviting to press, no matter how accurate the documentation is, even after someone reads the documentation.

That's why my first suggestion was to hide the button if you are already on the page.  Alternatively, disable this button while you are on this page. Or, have a Send Invitation button at the top of the page under the Invite button as well as the bottom of the page. Any of these will improve the user experience and save on tech support. Sometimes, documentation is not enough.

I've done a lot of UI/UX work and on the web pages I've written, I've manipulated buttons in javascript in the way I'm suggesting.  So when I see a UI that does something I don't expect, I can imagine how much more confusing it is to someone less technical savvy.


On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 6:55 AM Bruce Bowman <bruce.bowman@...> wrote:
"Reset Invitation" does not strike me as a correct label for a navigation button, no matter what part of speech it might be.


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