moderated Re: Invite button clears the form #suggestion #bug

Michael Pavan

After reading your comment about nouns and verbs, etc I read the Official Owners' Manual chapter on Inviting.
It is extremely clear about which button performs which function, regardless of whether it is an a djective, conjunction or whatever.
Why should buttons, etc not be clearly and intuitively labeled?

When in doubt, it really is a good idea to Read the Manual which is a quite new feature but very well done.
Apparently there was no doubt as the button label appear to mean 'click to Invite', not 'click to Clear Form'...

Should we doubt everything, and always have to Read the Manual before doing anything every time?

Also why should a "Clear Form" button be labeled "Invite" and placed near the top of the page?

It's far better than the terrible engineering gobbeldegook of Chrome or Microsoft Help.
That's good to hear that is 'far better than', but still not a reason to mislabel buttons, etc.
This sounds like a more diplomatic way to say 'not as bad as'. ;-}

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