moderated Invite button clears the form #suggestion #bug

Mike Pompa

After an admin selects Invite on the left, there are two buttons at the top (serving as tabs) Invite and Sent Invitations.
On other pages, the buttons are all nouns. Invite is a verb and implies that it might do the same thing as the Send Invitation button at the bottom does.

As a first-time user of the invitation function, I was misled by that button and pressed it after first pasting in a list of email addresses at the bottom and then customizing the outgoing message. The Send Invitation button was offscreen. This resulted in refreshing the screen and losing the typed in customization. At first I assumed the message went out, but it wasn't.  Even after looking at the documentation, in my mind Invite would do the same thing as Send Invitation.

I would consider this a User Interface bug.  

Possible ways to fix:
- Hide the button and only show it in the Sent Invitations page.
- Rename it to Reset Invitation  (because as a verb, that's what it actually does)
- Rename it to Send Invitation and make it do the same as the bottom button.

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