moderated Event RSVP changes #update


Hi All,

I've just pushed the following changes/improvements to our event RSVP system:

  • If your position on an event waitlist changes, you will be notified by email.
  • You can select either a grid or list display when viewing event RSVPs (remembering this setting is TBD).
  • Moderators and the event owner can now manage RSVPs, changing them to Attending/Not Attending/Not Sure (list view only). These changes are logged in the activity log.
  • If you are on the waitlist for an event, change your RSVP to no or not sure, and then change back to attending, you're put at the back of the waitlist.
  • When someone is moved off the waitlist by the system, it is logged in the activity log.

The RSVP management stuff is pretty complex and I made a lot of changes. I've tested everything, but please let me know if you see anything fishy. Or if you have suggestions.

(Reminder that the RSVP functionality is available to premium groups and free groups that were grandfathered in).

Thanks, Mark

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