moderated Re: option to set maximum attendees for calendar events

Nancy Funk <funkmomma71@...>

Hmmm, I think that once a member changes their RSVP from attending to not attending, and then wants to change it back to attending they should be at the bottom of the waitlist, otherwise it becomes a guessing game for those on the waitlist. This could be a nightmare scenario. 

Imagine you are that person at the top of the waitlist who has been added to the event due to someone changing their RSVP from attending to not attending, but on the day of the event that person changes their mind again and goes back to attending and now you are again on the waitlist. I'm managing a homeschool group, so these events are for children, so finding out at the last minute or maybe not until you show up to an event, that you no longer can attend is bad for these families and we could lose people over this. We have had to deal with some hurt feelings in the past when people don't show up to events and others could have gone. Not only that, but some venues also end up refusing to allow our group to plan field trips or attend shows because of the low attendance. We need the ability to put offending members on an automatic waitlist or ban them from RSVPing for a short time as a consequence of no-showing. 

All this to say, we would like our moderators to have the ability to directly manage event RSVPs. It would be incredibly helpful. I also agree with the suggestion to update members when there is movement on the waitlist. 

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