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On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 01:23 PM, Duane wrote:
, strives to be the ultimate communications venue for everyone

Right. The word "everyone" helps because although the current version reads "We believe that the type of communication an email group fosters is the best way for many groups to communicate" [emphasis added] and does not actually say that it's best for all groups, it still comes off sounding that way. So if email is the best way, why have the web-based features at all? It starts by stating (not even giving a plug for) the web-based features and then undermining that by saying, or seeming to say, that email is best.

I think you could fix this by just changing the word order and damping down the enthusiasm a bit, something along the lines of "For some groups, whether they represent companies, organizations, communities, or hobbyists [speaking of which: aren't companies "organizations"? a little redundant here], email may be a preferable way to communicate." Currently it sounds like you're saying "Hey, we built this around the web but email is better."

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