moderated Re: unable to add calendar to google calendar by URL #bug #fixed

Chuck Palmer

Per @Duane's suggestion, I am tagging onto this thread with an issue I posted in the GMF regarding the Calendar Downloading Event feature not working properly.
That topic is here -

Apologies if I should have started a new thread.

I'd like to also add this bit of info I found after posting the above message earlier today.  I mentioned in that post that this weirdity also occurs when I download the .ics file then click on it to add to my calendar.  If I open the .ics file with a text editor, it shows the same lack of ":", duplicate info, extra space, etc.

Here is the DESCRIPTION section - truncated in some spots for privacy:

DESCRIPTION:*Special TVAUG Zoom session...\n\n*\n\nWe are having a discus
 sion about the health and heart features of the Apple Watch with Dr. xxxxx.\, a local cardiologist and electrophysiologist..\n\n*GUEST
  SPEAKER * Dr. xxxxxxxxxx\n*TOPIC * She will discuss how her sta
 ff and patients use the Apple Watch to monitor cardio activity.\n\n*Mee
 ting Link * https // pwd=bzZLVE-xxxxx-tGYm
  pRUT09 ( https //
 T09 )

In addition, if I go to the bottom of the Calendar, subscribe to it, then paste that info into my Google calendar, all its events with URL's in their Description fields have similar errors.

Any ideas?


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