moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug


On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 7:50 AM Chris Jones via <> wrote:

Simple – to – report things first:

  •  The creation of a Folder is notified, but the creation of a photo Album is not. (Note: there is a mix of terminology here; in the Activity log a Folder is called a directory, and the Notification refers to a directory as well; IMHO it would be better if the word directory was not used.


- We now generate moderator notifications for album creation, modification and deletion, and each action also now has `Notify Members` checkboxes.
- The term 'dir' has been replaced in the Files section by 'folder'. 

  • The Move of a.File is notified, but the Move of a Photo is not. FWIW there is no available entry in the Activity log for the movement of a Photo.

- We now generate activity log entries for file moves as well as moderator notifications.


  • If a Photo is Edited, e.g. by adding some Description or changing its Name then a Notification is generated but the notification is to the effect that a new upload has taken place. This has the potential to be profoundly confusing. (Name changing can be a useful way of determining the order in which photos are displayed in an album, and adding a Description cannot be done at the time of upload; it can only be done by editing; neither action should be seen as in any way unusual. ) Edits should be notified as edits, not new uploads.


- You can now add a description when uploading photo(s). 
- The notification when updating a photo should say that it's been updated, not uploaded.
- There are now `Notify Members` checkboxes for all file and photo actions, with the exception of moving files (TBD). 

  • Notifications of Folder / File activities are by instigator’s Display Name only but Notifications of Album / Photo activity are by Display Name and email address.  It should be by Display name only.  

- Email address is no longer included in photo notifications unless a display name is not set.


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