moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug

Chris Jones

It's a bit difficult to carry forward meaningful quotes here! Anyway...

About Suggestion 1:

On 2020-06-19 these were put under control of the group's Message Moderation setting, as not doing so was seen as a bug.

I think it also served to avoid forcing group mods to find/create each relevant hashtag and mark it "Moderated". At least in moderated groups.

Very possibly true, but it leaves a gap in overall capabilities. With a starting point of the fact that uploads themselves are not moderated, historically File uploads were announced immediately, assuming of course that hte originator ticked the box. Now any owners of moderated groups HAVE to follow the group setting even if thry would be perfectly happy to allow instant notifications. Should owners of unmoderated groups wish to moderate upload notifications then the new system allows them to do so, for moderated groups there is no option to turn that moderation off for upload notifications, and I was (and still am) seeking that capability.

If there was a "Do Not Moderate" checkbox for these notifications then this request would be met. Same outcome, different implementation. Please consider this possibility.

Moving on to Suggestion 2: When a member chooses to Notify members then the
Moderators’ Notification is superfluous and should not be sent. It isn't though. At least not for a moderator who doesn't have the permission to moderate messages, or who has turned Pending Messages notification off.

Ah but IMHO it is! Obviously I will agree that a moderator such you describe won't see any notification, but they will see the "published message" once someone else has released it. As I think that is sufficient then I think I will leave my suggestion in place in the hope that it will be considered; all I seek to achieve is better management of what is sent to moderators by minimising "excessive" traffic. 

My Suggestion 3: I'm not convinced! Perhaps I tried too many uploads and finished up confusing myself. In any event, if Suggestion 2 were to be accepted than "3" goes away of its own accord.

Suggestion 4 seems to be acceptable! :)

Now then... a bit of new business, and this is something I overlooked when preparing my previous submission.

If an individual File or Photo is uploaded then the notification has a subject line that is unique to that upload. If, however, any upload "window" includes 2 or more individual Files or Photos then the notification is a generic one that is common to every multiple Files or Photo upload. The result of that is that the published message about the notification is tacked on to any previous generically - titled notification, possibly with the 30 day limit on similar subjects. The result is that a thread of notifications is generated even if the only common factor is that they are File or Photo related. IMHO every group notification should be a standalone event and they should not be allowed to form a thread. It simply looks "wrong".

I tried to prevent this by experimenting with automatically locking the hashtag as soon as the notification was published, but IIRC it was trying that that "broke"; it certainly took serious umbrage at this and notifications went completely haywire and I had to stop before (a) my sanity deserted me and/or (b)  I broke the entire internet.

So let's try a Suggestion 5: "somehow" generically titled notifications should be prevented from clumping together into a thread.  

I hope the above makes a bit of sense...


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