moderated Re: Poll emails not showing up for members #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Valancy,

On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 05:24 AM, Valancy Gilliam wrote:

I as owner and one of my moderators have sent polls since joining IO Groups late last year and only recently have we learned that some members are not receiving the notifications that a poll has been posted.
If you have a look at the Email Delivery History for those members who say they haven't received the poll message you will see the most recent successful, unsuccessful and bounced message. If there are any details in the unsuccessful or bounced panels that relate to your poll message there will be a description explaining why the message didn't get through (note: this is the explanation received from the target system as to why the message could not be delivered). Use that information to help you decide your next course of action.

Others get the email, respond to the poll, but their response is not recorded.
Polls can only be responded to online so if your members are trying to respond by email, their response will not be recorded.

 I have searched the poll options and member email options to see if there's something checked that blocks the polls from going through or registering but I see nothing that I can identify.
Did you check the member's manual? There's a good description of how to use polls there

 I would prefer not to have to force my membership to physically go to IO Groups website

That's unfortunate because that's the way polls work - see above.


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