moderated Re: unable to add calendar to google calendar by URL #bug #fixed


On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 9:25 PM David McBride <dmcbride@...> wrote:
I tried adding a calendar to google calendar by URL.  I retrieved the following URL from the TSC sub-group at [link removed by mod]

Unfortunately, the events are not appearing on my google calendar.  I tried removing and re-adding the calendar multiple times.  In some cases, I waited one or more days to see if there was some sort of time delay.  Also, note that I have followed this process for multiple calendars in the past, so this is not something new to me.  

After much testing and trial and error, I think I've fixed the problem. It was a combination of two issues. One is that we were not properly escaping some characters when generating the ICS file. The other issue is that it appears Google Calendar cannot handle colons in event descriptions. So, we now replace colons with spaces when we generate ICS files.


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