moderated Poll emails not showing up for members #bug

Valancy Gilliam <roytoys@...>

I as owner and one of my moderators have sent polls since joining IO Groups late last year and only recently have we learned that some members are not receiving the notifications that a poll has been posted. Others get the email, respond to the poll, but their response is not recorded. I ran a test poll last week and out of 30 members, only 12 have responded, two indicated they received the email and responded but they are not showing in the poll results. As for the others, I'm not certain but I am assuming they did not receive, or their response is not in results, as well. As we are a not-for-profit organization and with the current COVID-19 self-isolation we have been wanting to use the polls to get a gauge of membership response to issues of concern that needs resolution sooner than our monthly meeting. I have searched the poll options and member email options to see if there's something checked that blocks the polls from going through or registering but I see nothing that I can identify. Is this a known bug? If so, is there a workaround? Most of our members are not techno advanced but the poll system on IO Groups is fairly simple to use. Much easier than Survey Monkey, which we had been using prior to joining IO Groups. I would prefer not to have to force my membership to physically go to IO Groups website, and our list there, find the actual topic missive and try that way. Most will not bother, as it is not convenient, and frankly, too much trouble. 

Any assistance or advise is gratefully appreciated.

Valancy Gilliam
Moderator, Mid-America Romance Authors (MARA title on IO)

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