moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug

Chris Jones

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 03:49 PM, I wrote:
I'll go away and prepare the second batch, some of which are more complex
In the event things were not as complex as I anticipated...

What follows is based on the assumption that Moderators have Files & Photos Notifications on.

Group Notifications of uploads are moderated (or not) according to the group Moderation Setting, not those of the individual members.

Suggestion 1: consider making all Group Notifications unmoderated, with Group Owners / Moderators deciding their preferences and setting the relevant hashtags accordingly. (It is perhaps worth bearing in mind that hitherto File uploads have been “instantly” notified. i.e. unmoderated. This suggestion would IMHO most closely match what existed.)


Where an individual member chooses to notify the membership of an upload the existing configuration sends Moderators (a) a Moderator Notification, (b) a Moderation Notification (subject to Group Moderation Setting – see above) and (c) the “published” message, i.e. 2 or perhaps 3 related notifications.  

In addition, (a) and (b) are visually almost identical, and their arrival in order (a)(b) is not certain. (Trust me; I know!) This is likely to be a source of confusion.

Suggestion 2: When a member chooses to Notify members then the Moderators’ Notification is superfluous and should not be sent.

 Suggestion 3: (a) and (b) need to be much more easily distinguished, preferably without actually having to open the email, given that one is “FYI” and the other is “Action Required”.  This suggestion applies irrespective of Suggestion (1) because both (a) and (b) will continue to exist, albeit not at the same time.


If a member carries out a deletion, or number of deletions immediately followed by an upload or uploads within the “time window” then the Moderator Notification will be titled such as to refer to deletions but will include any uploads. As far as I can tell notifications about Files and Photos are not put together; the two categories do remain separate.

Suggestion 4: either a change in programming to ensure that deletions and uploads cannot appear in the same Notification, or change the Notification “subject” so that it applies to “changes” rather than being specific to deletions or uploads.


Clarification Request: I assume that the “aggregation window” opens when the first deletion / upload / edit is triggered. Does a second related “event” reset the timer so that the window closes after x minutes of inactivity or is a fixed period after the first action?

Mark; your consideration of the above would be much appreciated. I think I have now covered all the "matters arising" but time will tell. :)


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