moderated Re: Moderator notifications enabled for all #update



I've been trying to grasp all the new notification variations and hope this summary is not too far off. Does this begin to describe the events and subsequent notifications?

One thing that stood out at me is that the notices sent to Moderators don't carry a hashtag.

This means that group activities (e.g. File, Photo, Wiki changes) create two different types of notices: a Group Notice and a Moderator Notice. The Group Notice is optional (as you've noted), has the corresponding hashtag, posts to the group's messages, and the web/app is opt-in. The Moderator Notice is not controlled by the person who took the action, does not carry a hashtag, is not stored on site, and is Opt-out for both email and web/app.

Member Notices (generated manually via the Members list, or automatically via the Member Notices tab of the group Settings page) are like Moderator Notices in that they do not carry a hashtag, and are not stored on site, but they cannot be opted-out by the member.

You also need a row for "Message posted in a Topic with a hashtag" because they act like Group Notices too: the member can opt-in for a web/app notification of such message postings. Yup, any old hashtag, not just the system-defined ones.

I haven't done a cross-check with the Notifications page in GMF's Wiki, but that may turn up something if you haven't done that already.


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