moderated Re: Moderator notifications enabled for all #update

Mark Murphy

I've been trying to grasp all the new notification variations and hope this summary is not too far off. Does this begin to describe the events and subsequent notifications?

Event or Action System Hashtag Notice Sent To Web/App
Calendar event cancelled #cal-cancelled Group Opt-in
Calendar invitation created #cal-invite Group Opt-in
Calendar notice created #cal-notice Group Opt-in
Calendar reminder created #cal-reminder Group Opt-in
Chat created or modified #chat-notice Group Opt-in
Database table created or modified   Moderators Opt-out
File folder modified #file-notice Group Opt-in
File uploaded #file-notice Group* Opt-in
Group content reported   Moderators Opt-out
Guidelines updated #guidelines-notice Group Opt-in
Member approval pending   Moderators Opt-out
Member join or leave   Moderators Opt-out
Message approval pending   Moderators Opt-out
Monthly notice sent #monthly-notice Group Opt-in
Photo album modified   Moderators Opt-out
Photo uploaded #photo-notice Moderators Opt-out
Group* Opt-in
Poll created or sent #poll-notice Group Opt-in
Storage limit reached   Moderators Opt-out
Subgroup created or deleted   Moderators Opt-out
Wiki page created or modified #wiki-notice Moderators Opt-out
Group* Opt-in
 * Group notification is optional when the action is performed


* asdfasdf

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