moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug

Chris Jones

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 08:24 PM, I wrote:
I'll try to report within 48 hours.
I am going to split this into two chunks. The first one is below.

Having carried out a whole series of tests my first batch of observations and suggestions is set out below. I would like to think that they are “complete” but there almost certainly things that I have missed. (Sorry!)


Simple – to – report things first:

  •  The creation of a Folder is notified, but the creation of a photo Album is not. (Note: there is a mix of terminology here; in the Activity log a Folder is called a directory, and the Notification refers to a directory as well; IMHO it would be better if the word directory was not used.


  • The Move of a.File is notified, but the Move of a Photo is not. FWIW there is no available entry in the Activity log for the movement of a Photo.


  • If a Photo is Edited, e.g. by adding some Description or changing its Name then a Notification is generated but the notification is to the effect that a new upload has taken place. This has the potential to be profoundly confusing. (Name changing can be a useful way of determining the order in which photos are displayed in an album, and adding a Description cannot be done at the time of upload; it can only be done by editing; neither action should be seen as in any way unusual. ) Edits should be notified as edits, not new uploads.


  • Notifications of Folder / File activities are by instigator’s Display Name only but Notifications of Album / Photo activity are by Display Name and email address.  It should be by Display name only.  


  • At this time deletions, edits and the like are not sent to the original owner of the material. If that notification is introduced, then it is essential that the notification is an accurate summary of what was done and not a complete mis – description. I would suggest that any such edit provides the option of including a “Reason for Edit” that can (again optionally) be fed back to the original owner.  That “reason for edit” would not need to be stored for future reference; its only purpose would be to advise the material’s originator of why changes were being made.

    Having said that while "uploaders" have the ability to not notify members of an upload I would prefer to have the ability to not inform original uploaders of any edits or deletions.

I'll go away and prepare the second batch, some of which are more complex... :(



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