locked Re: Communicating updates


I agree that Updates should be fine for the general public, both moderators and members. It states what's happening without too much detail. I won't speak for others, but I'd try to answer questions for members about any of it.

As far as owner/moderator details, I'm all for using Shal's GroupManagersForum. [The Wiki could easily be used for explanations and the load shouldn't be on one person to keep it updated, although initial setup might take some work.] I had used the one on Yahoo, sometimes just to see if others had the same "problem", sometimes for additional assistance. I suspect that many of us could figure out a lot of things without the need to have Mark directly involved. We'd always (?) have the option of asking for clarification and information when needed.

Although I don't think I could ever get too much information, there are bound to be some that only want the minimum necessary. More than anything, being able to find it is important. When it gets too scattered, as Yahoo did, it's there, but can't be found easily so might as well not exist.


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