moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug



It suddenly occurred to me that the moderation requirement seen this
morning could be a function of the moderation status of the "uploader"
Possibly, but if it is I don't think it should be.

... my perspective is that of being heartily fed up with members who
upload "stuff" without bothering to announce the fact. ... and that I
and the other moderators have to trawl through the Activity Log to
find out what odd corner things have been put in.
You and the other moderators should receive the Moderator Notice for the action without regard for whether the actor chose to check "Notify Members".

If that's not working I think that would be a bug. This is really the core function I want from the Notification Overhaul.

A push notification is too transient to be of any help here.
For that reason I'll always keep email enabled for Moderator Notices. I'm not sure I'll use the Web/App delivery method at all. Its key advantage (from my point of view) is that it doesn't have the combiner delay, and that may not be enough to entice me.


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