moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug



... Integration sent message "File Notifications #file-notice"
requiring approval because it's a moderated integration message via
I believe the word Integration there is a misnomer, relating to the Admin | Integrations feature. Not to be confused with the combiner.

I haven't fully tested everything yet but the implication is that a
"single upload notification" would pass through without moderation
being required.
I believe the inference is incorrect, caused by the terminology error in the Activity log entry.

I was unable to replicate what I had observed earlier. In all cases
the member notification went through without the need for moderation.
If the notifications were "To:" your personal address then they were Moderator Notices (my terminology), and moderation is not required.

If they were "To:" the group posting address the they were Group Notices (again my terminology) and should obey both the group's Moderation setting and the Moderated checkbox in the hashtag for that notice.

IMO the incorporation of the File Name into a single notification is
wrong; ...
Why? I think it is better to provide the additional information in the subject, when appropriate.

Another source of puzzlement was as follows: the "Uploaded By" column
in Files had my /member/ Display Name shown (expected). However, the
Notifications showed the uploads as having been carried out by my
moderator Display Name (NOT expected).
Oh, that is weird. Looking at the upload of 1:08pm today (PDT)...

I see the same discrepancy between the Files list and both the Moderator Notices and Group Notices I received for those files you uploaded. I think the combiner somehow combined more than it should have, attributing all the individual actions to one (the first?) actor.


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