moderated Re: Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug

Chris Jones

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 05:09 PM, I wrote:
I was unable to replicate what I had observed earlier. In all cases the member notification went through without the need for moderation. 

Some clarification about the "protocol" would be greatly appreciated.
It suddenly occurred to me that the moderation requirement seen this morning could be a function of the moderation status of the "uploader", based on remembering that this morning's upload was by a moderated member while some photos uploaded by an unmoderated member 12 days ago resulted in a notification that did not require moderation.

Again I was unable to replicate this possibility on a test group by making my second membership "moderated". The notification happened without moderation, but again seemed to use the wrong Display Name in the notification.

I am more bewlidered than ever.

As to Andy W's Having it checked by default again would just cause more complaints about unwanted emails as most people would not consider (or just forget) to uncheck it...

I do understand your point but my perspective is that of being heartily fed up with members who upload "stuff"  without bothering to announce the fact. The upshot is that the wider membership has no idea that it's been uploaded, presumably with the intention of their reading / seeing it, and that I and the other moderators have to trawl through the Activity Log to find out what odd corner things have been put in.

A push notification is too transient to be of any help here.


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