moderated Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? #bug

Chris Jones

Mark; I know you are on leave at the moment but I hope you will spot this and answer it on your return.

When I switched on this morning there was a (File upload) Notification awaiting moderation, which I found slightly surprising. The member had uploaded 3 files within the "window" so the single Notification contained the 3 separate files.  A visit to the group's Activity log provided the following: Integration sent message "File Notifications #file-notice" requiring approval because it's a moderated integration message via email. I haven't fully tested everything yet but the implication is that a "single upload notification" would pass through without moderation being required. The actual uploads took place in real time without moderation. (Expected!)

I carried out some tests using a test group to which I have access but I finished up more confused than when I started. For the avoidance of doubt I have 2 memberships of that test group (i.e. I have two Accounts); one as a moderator and the second set to "member" for these tests, and I was careful to ensure that I was only logged in to one or other account at a time; never both together. Uploads were only done using the "member" account

I was unable to replicate what I had observed earlier. In all cases the member notification went through without the need for moderation. 

Some clarification about the "protocol" would be greatly appreciated.

There were additional anomalies...

Individual File Notifications were titled: File /<file name>.docx uploaded. (Plus Hashtag) A collective notification was titled File Notification. (Plus Hashtag). IMO the incorporation of the File Name into a single notification is wrong; all (file) notifications should be titled File Notification (Plus Hashtag)

Another source of puzzlement was as follows: the "Uploaded By" column in Files had  my member Display Name shown (expected). However, the Notifications showed the uploads as having been carried out by my moderator Display Name (NOT expected). (Notifications here means both the emailed and web UI versions) As stated above at the time I carried out the uploads I was only logged in with my "member" account. FWIW I have seen that behaviour on a previous occasion but didn't think to worry about it. 

Something is telling me that this last oddity may well be involved with the first one above, but some clarification would again be greatly welcome.

As an aside, having found (the hard way) that it is very easy to forget to tick a "notify" checkbox when doing multiple uploads, my current view is that the File & Photo checkboxes should be checked by default. Better still (to satisfy both schools of thought) the default state should be moderator settable in Settings.


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