moderated Re: Testing notifications #misc

Andy Wedge

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 06:02 AM, Lena wrote:
From what I can see, the subject tag was always sent on email notifications so
that hasn't changed.
Email notifications of pending messages and members hadn't subject tag but had group name in From. Now group name is in both From and Subject. I ask to remove subject tag in email notifications of pending messages and members.
OK - I see which ones you're referring to now. I thought you were talking about the new notifications for database and wiki changes etc.

I think having the tag in the email subject is good and with that, we don't really need the email address of the group at the end of the subject as that is normally in the From field.

I have an email rule in Outlook that looks for the string " Notification" in the message headers and that seems to work OK in allowing me to divert these types of message from any group to another folder.


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