moderated Re: Testing notifications #misc

Andy Wedge

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 09:45 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
The only solutions (not ones that I am suggesting that Mark should implement, nice as they might be) would be one in which the notification was sent after (say) 10 minutes inactivity on the part of the originator, or perhaps one whereby the originator was prompted by Send Notification Now? somewhere.
Or even better, allow the combiner to be turned off and/or the delay to moderator controlled

I suspect that the "inconsistency" is down to the intervals at which an email client polls
No, the inconsistency I was referring to is the spacing between events listed in one notification email from

the default setting on the email client (Outlook) was 30 minutes. My preference is for something rather shorter so I have set it to 10 minutes
It has always been my understanding, and my own testing seems to back this up, that those send/receive time intervals apply to IMAP and POP3 collections. If you have Exchange accounts in Outlook (which my main ones are) then the mail collection is triggered by an email arriving at the Exchange server, so the send/receive intervals don't apply anyway. For all the IMAP email accounts I have defined in Outlook, the send/receive interval is set at 2 minutes. So, before this combiner process kicked in, I'd get two notifications almost simultaneously, one in Outlook and one in Firefox. I think having a choice of whether I want a push notification or an email (or both) is great; slowing down the delivery of emails (unless the receiver is in control) is not.



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