moderated Re: Testing notifications #misc

Chris Jones

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 11:20 PM, Andy Wedge wrote:
I don't like this combiner approach with a 4 minute delay. <snip> If the combiner delay was something more reasonable, say 30 seconds, that would be better as I can understand the need to combine some quick-fire changes into one notice, however, 4 minutes is way to long me and I'd rather have the option to turn the combiner off than have that.
and later wrote: The spacing on the email notification for certain events is not consistent...

I can easily come up with with a counter - argument that 4 minutes isn't nearly long enough, say if someone is creating a new album. 4 minutes may not be enough to upload all the relevant photos, let along go back and perhaps edit the photo names and add some descriptive text. If that is the case the new album may not be ready - to - eat for perhaps 30 minutes or more, in which case a 4 minute aggregated notification will be somewhat premature, and 30 seconds definitely so.

The only solutions (not ones that I am suggesting that Mark should implement, nice as they might be) would be one in which the notification was sent after (say) 10 minutes inactivity on the part of the originator, or perhaps one whereby the originator was prompted by Send Notification Now? somewhere.

Moving to the later point... I suspect that the "inconsistency" is down to the intervals at which an email client polls the mail provider's server. The PC on which I am typing this was set up less than a fortnight ago,  and the default setting on the email client (Outlook) was 30 minutes. My preference is for something rather shorter so I have set it to 10 minutes, but even that is enough for an apparent inconsistency to appear; if a notification arrives just before a poll then the email delivery will seem to be immediate, while if it just misses a poll the delivery will be 10 minutes "late".

Not much can do about that...


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